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Book Review: More Attention, Less Deficit by Ari Tuckman

more attention less deficit 125 x 125
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Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD Reviewer: Sarah Bickers I was drawn to read this book as several family members have ADHD, so I have some experience with the issues involved. This has also resulted in a special interest in … Continue reading

Book Review: All Clear by Tanya Louise Turner

All Clear
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Reviewer: Christine Durrant NB: Available on Kindle only This is an easy read for the summer which I’d recommend for all declutterers, professional or otherwise. All Clear is the story of Ruth, a professional declutterer and organiser, who decides to … Continue reading

Book Review: Managing Your Time by Steve Chalke

Managing Your Time

Reviewer: Lynda Wylie During my research for a recent decluttering talk for a Christian women’s group, I was recommended Steve Chalke’s Managing Your Time (Kingsway Publications, ISBN 978-0854764693). Chalke is a well-known Christian author and his book is full of … Continue reading

Book review: The Clutter Diet by Lorie Marrero

The Clutter Diet

Reviewer: Ingrid Jansen As a professional organiser I read many blogs, articles, magazines and books about clutter and organising. In The Clutter Diet: The skinny on organizing your home and taking control of your life (Reason Press, ISBN 978-0-615-26648-0) Lorie … Continue reading

Book review: No More Clutter by Sue Kay

No More Clutter

Reviewer: Ingrid Jansen Since I decided to become a professional organiser a couple of years ago I’ve read many blogs, articles, magazines and books about clutter and organising. Recently I came across Sue Kay’s No More Clutter – How to … Continue reading